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Ministry opportunities for RA's . . . RA/GA Committee Sponsorship Planning Required

RA Christmas Card Post Office: Postage that would be spent (or donations) to Lottie Moon Christmas offering

POUNDING Competition between RA's & GA's to benefit the Connie Maxwell Children's Home

RA YARD CRUSADERS - yard work for shut-ins

RA Adopt-A-Road aluminum can recycling . . . proceeds to

Other activities worth mentioning to 'peak your interest' . . .


RA Racers

RA Field Day

RA State Track Meet

Summer camp opportunities for RA's,  ***Just ask the webmaster about this, does he ever have some stories to tell.

Educational Scholarship opportunities for RA's

More to come . . . that's P O T E N T I A L! Let's unstop it for the good that can come from allowing God to work through us!

Wondering if missions education stops after 6th grade? Nope. It never stops . . . if interested in the details contact Jim Tippins, our Pastor. Ask about CHALLENGERS . . . under construction!