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The following  email to a friend ends up sharing some of what happened at the


It was good to be back at an RA event! We (Summit Heights Baptist Church) ended up using 7 of the 9 tickets reserved. Sadly, one of our LADS woke up sick that morning.  Those of us that went (including my brother, Bert) got a lot out of it!  Sorry you were unable to come. You missed a great game! 

I recall you saying one previous RA DAY that Furman has never lost an RA Day game. Remarkable! How many have there been?  It was somewhat in doubt during the OVERTIME period! 45-44! WOW!

Question:   How'd they do last year . . . I couldn't remember if the streak is still active or not?

More important question: On the program, Christian Fisher and Ryan Phillips. . . was that  'our' Christian Fisher from RHBC and was that Tim's son or was he the one that didn't make it? It didn't dawn on me until later just who they were . . . these guys have grown up! What grade are Christian  & Ryan in now anyway? Being on the program as an RA. . . was that for winning the National RA Speak Out?  That was the only thing that wasn't all that clear . . . information about the program participants . . . where from, church and their 'qualifications'. I want to encourage our boys to work toward being able to take an active part in programs such as this! Seems as though Riverland Hills has a 'string' going for winning that national event!

Oh, Steve Reames did share with everybody a neat letter from Jack Norris on the impact RA Day has had on him and others who have experienced it . . . I guess that letter was from Lou's son, Jack?  I remember Jack as one of the older RAs helping us with the CRUSADERS. That's how the younger RAs learned the RA Pledge among other things!

Steve had a lot of folks thinking for a short while that there had been a menu change for everybody that day. Eventually, everybody finally figured out that Chic-Fil-A hadn't diversified their menu to include pizza! That's a long winding story that finally took us behind the East Stands where the food really was! You may have heard. If not, I'll catch you up later. Lunch was good! 

Bert commented he thought that it might have been better had the event been planned for September when it was warmer, especially for the cheerleader who fell during a stunt. Fortunately she didn't appear to be injured! It's hard for me to imagine going to a FURMAN RA Day when it isn't cold.  

All the speakers were good. One in particular stood out in my mind . . . The Furman place kicker who spoke to the RAs was a positive, successful witness and role model off and on the field of play. First, he told the boys about how God has worked in his life to help him overcome an injury and build his faith. Then he went out during the game and kicked all those extra points! Every one of them COUNTED in the final outcome! So true in life as well. Everyone in the stands who heard him speak out for GOD also counts in life's final outcome . . . he may not yet realize the seeds he planted on that day in the hearts of those in the stands!

I thought I would let you know that we all thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Some of my SHBC RAs are already looking forward to next year. It was a first time experience for Adam, one of our 5th grade CRUSADERS!   It was also the first Furman RA Day event for my son, Tate! Lot of good memories with more to come!  We are already making plans for RA Day @ Anderson College, February 2001!ra.jpg (66947 bytes)

Another question: What is Family Day on June 3, 2000 at McCall?

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Take care & God Bless.


PS:  Was able to introduce Greg Lee and Tim Brown to my brother Bert and Summit Heights RA Leader/parent, Al Shaver! Next time I hope to share with you some info re: our church RA website . . . it's beginning to take shape!  Hope all your family is well! Say hello to Jimmy for me . . . I figure he was at another thriller (Clemson-USC) game Saturday!