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Piedmont Baptist Association

Piedmont Baptist Witness

Serving the Churches of the Piedmont Baptist Association

P.O. Box 463 - 123 Fleetwood Drive - Easley, South Carolina 29641

Phone: 864-859-9906 or 864-859-8229 Fax: 864-859-6458

Volume 24 September 1999 Number 12

Our Vision

To be a partnership of churches inspired by God to mutually advance His Kingdom.


Elected Officers:


Royce Addis, Norris First


Marion Roach,

Mt. Carmel


Ray Strickland,

Jones Ave.


Director of Missions

Broadus Moody,

Geer Memorial

Missions Ministries Dir

Kay Hardage,

Georges Creek

Office Manager/Treasurer

Joyce Sudduth,

Rock Springs


Linda Evatt

Rock Springs

One of the greatest opportunities for God’s people to have a positive impact on our society is coming up! On November 2, we and all the citizens of south Carolina will be given the chance to settle the video poker issue once and for all. Instead of starting out with a lethal form of gambling, South Carolina has jumped right into one of the most devastating types of gambling in our poker machines. It has already in its short time brought about one tragedy after another. In my files I have an article that was run in the EASLEY PROGRESS a few months back, dealing with a man who was shot in the face because he apparently could not pay all of his gambling debt. This was a local incident. The time to make a difference is now, for the sake of families all over our state. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. We are not voting on a person. We are voting whether or not to continue video poker in our state as it is now. If we do not defeat it, the cash payout will increase to as much as $500.00. This will draw more people to the machines with hopes of getting rich quick. There are many sad stories of children sitting in hot cars outside convenience stores while their parents played video poker machines inside. These stories will multiply if we do not defeat this evil.

We know that in order to win this fight we must do more than oppose it. We must take advantage of our privilege to vote. The battle CAN BE WON, but not by standing by idle. Remind everyone to vote "NO" to video poker on November 2. If they are not registered to vote, they must be by October 1 in order to vote in November.

This is a battle that must be met with much prayer. Remember James 5:16 and pray.

A. M. D. C.

George Tate, Director

We have seen great things this summer throughout our state in the area of Multihousing Ministries. The statistics show 29 of our 43 associations involved in this kind of ministry. As you look around in our Association and your Church field, you will see new apartments being built and mobile home communities growing. These are mission fields of opportunity. If you would like to know more about Multihousing Ministries, training, or maybe even being a volunteer, contact the association office or Dottie Williamson at the SCBC building in Columbia.

"Jump Start"

Attention all new pastors and church staff! There will be a "Jump Start Your Ministry" conference at the Baptist Building in Columbia on September 20th. For more information, call Broadus Moody at the PBA.

Treasurer’s Report

July 1999

Contributions 14728.58

Other Income 2202.66

Total 16931.24


Program Min 1021.18

Operational Exp 3068.42

Personnel 10592.88

Total 14682.48

Net 2248.76


Arial                  $252.58 Brushy Creek   $652.75
Calumet          $229.83 Calvary Hill   $222.43
Cannon Memorial                         $192.32 Cedar Rock  $143.84
Central First $131.54 Corinth One  $199.18
Day Star          $410.71 East Clemson   $209.56
Elljean          $150.00 Enon           $216.00
Faith                  $50.00 Flat Rock           $299.94
Foothills Hispanic                          $91.00 Geer Memorial   $663.36
Glenwood          $291.67 Hunt’s Memorial                           $200.00
Jones Avenue $1836.36 Liberty First   $483.33
Mt. Airy          $750.00 Mt. Carmel  $333.33
Mt. Pisgah $1250.00 Norris First   $1197.63
Park Street $153.00 Powdersville First                            $173.63
Refuge          $31.25 Rice’s Creek    $400.48
River Road $267.58 Rock Springs   $1688.17
Ruhamah          $173.58 Siloam           $100.00
Six & Twenty $187.14 Slabtown           $343.27
Smith Grove $350.00 Summit Heights                           $327.72
Wren          $75.40 Total $14728.58



NOVEMBER 2, 1999

Gambling is not a political issue–there are no candidates. It is a moral issue. There are people who will try to lead us to believe that gambling is okay if it somehow will contribute even the smallest amount of money to education. These people do not realize the grave damage that gambling does to the individual, the family, and the community. Gambling is responsible for many broken marriages and a host of children going to bed hungry at night. Think of all the tax dollars we pay out each year to support the families who are on government assistance. Most of us are getting tired of keeping up the healthy able-bodied people who are too lazy to work. And now to expect us to take on an additional tax burden of keeping up those who will throw away their money on video gambling is just too much. (2 Thessalonians 3:10 NKJV) "For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat."

We must always stand ready to help anyone who is unable to work because of health problems or other circumstances beyond their control. We must be ministers of the gospel in every situation. May we never lose our compassion for those who are in need.

(James 2:15-16 NKJV) {15} If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, {16} and one of you says to them, "Depart in peace, be warmed and filled," but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

However, we must sometimes be "our brothers keeper" to help him see the error of his way, and video poker is one of the biggest. Video poker is the "crack cocaine" of gambling, and we simply must put an end to this hazard.

Pastors, we are counting on you to lead the congregation you serve to see the truth of what video gambling does to people and get your people to vote November 2,1999. Our churches are very much pastor driven. If the pastor gets a burden and carries it to the pulpit, the people in the pew will move into action. Therefore, pastors, we must join together and pray and preach the truth about the moral issues of video gambling. Sunday, September 19,1999, has been set by the SBC as "Gambling Awareness Day." This will be a good day to start preaching on this subject. Pastors, you will be receiving action pack guides from the state convention. Please make full use of this and all materials which are available for you. I am also accessible to help any way I can.

We must get all our people registered to vote. Registration can be done until October 1,1999, but do not put if off--register now. Regardless of how strongly you believe, it will not count if you do not vote.

Pickens was one of 12 counties that voted to ban video poker within its borders years ago only to have those mandates tossed out by the Supreme Court. According to what we are told by our elected officials, this vote will be a decree by the people and it will stand. Therefore, this is a winner take all vote. Our no vote will stop the payouts on video poker statewide.

If we win this vote, we can move on to other moral issues like abortion. If we lose this vote, then our voice as a Christian community will lose its effectiveness, and the enemy will move on to open our state to many other forms of gambling.

Let each of us do our part. It is time to summons our people to service.

May I make another plea to you. Will you pray and seek God’s will about increasing your gifts to your association. Think of what we could do if all our churches gave at least 3% of their undesignated gifts to the association. If you are already giving 3% or more, would you continue to be a leader and consider increasing your giving. As a pastor, I saw the gifts to the church grow as we grew in our gifts to missions.

Public Morals & Ethics Committee

Keith Davis

News Briefs

Brushy Creek: POWER Conference is coming up soon. The dates are Sept. 26-30. Don’t miss E V. Hill, Jerry Falwell, Johnny Hunt and Bailey Smith.

Georges Creek: Eric Batson has begun his duties as full-time Minister of Music & Youth. We welcome Eric and Kristen to PBA.

Mt. Carmel has opened their Christian School for grades K4 - 6th grade plus afterschool care. For more information call 246-8834.

Mt. Pisgah: Jim Upton has resigned as Minister of Youth/children to accept a similar position at Northside in Anderson.

Powdersville First: Jack Hester is celebrating his 50th year in gospel ministry with "Jubilee Celebration" Sept. 12-15 with Jr. Hill, Michael Hamlet and Johnny Hunt.

Brad Kelley was ordained to the ministry and David Bagwell was licensed to preach the gospel in services on August 15th which was the 16th anniversary of the church.

Release Time program of Anderson County needs a van. Please call Billy Ausburn at 269-1328 or 269-4845.

September Prayer Calendar


2 Linville Miller, Pastor, Hunt’s Memorial

7 Robert Fowler, Pastor, Elljean

9 Darlene Allgood, Wife of Min. of Youth, Mt. Carmel

15 Pat Case, Wife of Pastor, Georges Creek

17 Anita Williams Wife of Summit Heights Webmaster

21 David Gallamore, Pastor, Rock Springs

22 Rick Baumgarner, Minister of Music, Easley First

22 Sue Ellen Hicks, Wife of Pastor, Corinth Two

26 Allen Moore, Pastor, Cateechee

28 Mike Williams Summit Heights Webmaster

29 Troy Sudduth, Husband of Office Manager, PBA

Wedding Anniversaries:

7 Rick & Carol Jo Baumgarner, Min. of Music, Easley First

16 Richard & Amy Fuller, Min. of Music, Brushy Creek

22 Gary & Cathy James, Pastor, Faith

Staff Anniversaries:

1983 - Calvin Bryant, Pastor, Crosswell First

1983 - David Gallamore, Pastor, Rock Springs

1988 - Steve Ellis, Min. of Music, Siloam

1988 - Jim Tippins, Pastor, Summit Heights

1994 - Greg Russ, Pastor, Enon

1998 - Mike Reid, Pastor, DayStar

Calendar of Activities - September 1999

2-11 Upper State Fair Ministry

4 USC Game & Youth Rally, Columbia

6 PBA Office Closed for Labor Day

7 AMDC, PBA Office, 7:00 p.m.

18 Men’s Ministries Prayer Breakfast, PBMC cafeteria, 7:30 a.m.

12 Single Adult Day

14 Disaster Relief Meeting, PBA, 7:00 p.m.

14 Parents’ Prayer Rally, Easley First, 7:00 p.m.

15 Support Our Schools & See You at the Pole

12-19 Season of Prayer for State Missions & Offering

19 Anti-Gambling Day

20 New Staff "Jump Start" Conference, SCBC

25 Stop Violence Seminar




Last day to register- October 1

Election Day - November 2, 1999

If your church has news items that you would like for us to include in the WITNESS, please send them to P O Box 463, Easley, SC 29641

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