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Welcome to the nursery page, here at Summit Heights we have a staff of caring  members of the congregation.


Nursery Benefits are to watch over the children:

Our Nursery staff is trained in all areas of child care.
Every parent is given a beeper ( if needed ) the parent is only a few feet away.


Thank you so much for your willingness to serve in this important ministry in our church. If you are unable to work on your assigned Sunday, please do the following: (1) Call to switch Sundays with someone or find a replacement, (2) Call the person in charge and let them know your plans. Please report to your assigned area at least fifteen(15) minutes before your scheduled time.  Make sure that all diapers are taken out of the rooms and to the dumpster before leaving your post. Please be sure your rooms are put in order. Thanks for your faithfulness. *If you are the person in charge, please call each person on your assigned Sunday to verify their attendance. Do Not call the church office. The nursery list is not the responsibility of the secretary! Simply follow the above directions and find a replacement!